Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fitbit Charge HR - in Black, size Large, £79.99 at Argos and Amazon

One of my favourite gifts that I received for my birthday in December was a new Fitbit charge HR. Mine is plum coloured and was a gift from my husband :). On my request, before anyone thinks it's his way of telling me I need to shape up!

For anyone unfamiliar with Fitbits, they are activity trackers that monitor how many steps you take, miles you walk/run, calories you burn and in some models how many sets of stairs you climb a day as well as tracking your sleep patterns and heart rate. They sync to a Fitbit app on your phone via bluetooth and are an easy way to see how active you have been throughout the day. It also displays the time so I've been wearing it instead of a watch.

This is my 3rd Fitbit, I've owned two Fitbit zips, which clip on to your waistband, the first of which I lost on holiday in Venice :( It's probably in the Grand Canal! I fancied an upgrade and wanted one that I could wear on my wrist and had a secure buckle. This newer charge HR model looks to have an improved strap buckle compared to it's predecessor. 

For me, they are a great way to ensure I get enough exercise and will hopefully help me shed some more baby weight (well...any baby weight!) that I've been struggling to get rid of since giving birth to my second child last summer!

For anyone who may have been considering one of these devices in the run up to Christmas, a couple of retailers now have them on offer (Amazon and Argos - £79.99 instead of £90ish), but as far as I can tell only in Black and a size Large. (Argos based on to what's currently in stock, although other areas of the UK might have more choice of size and colour.)

Tesco Direct's website has them as 'coming soon' at £75 so maybe worth registering for stock alerts if it's something you are interested in.

I'm hoping to start doing lots of walking when my son is back at school, especially around the shops! As I think Sarah Jessica Parker once said...

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