Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lego Minifigures Series 14 Monsters £1.49 at Argos

Lego is really popular in our house, we are slowly becoming overrun with plastic bricks! But even more than the bricks and sets my son loves the little lego figures. The blind bag minifigures being no exception!

I'm becoming quite fond of them too however they're not something I ever really want to pay full price for, especially as if you buy the blind bags you're never really sure what you are getting!

Sometimes if you have a really good feel of the bags and there's something distinctive about the character you might get lucky and have an inkling as to what you're getting.

The Monster characters have been really popular for us and I popped a couple of series 14 packets in my son's Christmas stocking and he was delighted with them on Christmas morning.

Argos are currently selling them for £1.49 instead of £2.49 which is quite a good buy. These will be retiring soon as series 15 is due to hit the shops any day, which is probably why they are selling them at a reduced price. I would think other retailers will follow suit, and I will be keeping an eye out, but I'll be picking a few up from Argos to put away as treats for my boy!

One thing I think is worth doing is keeping the little packets (cut them open carefully) as well as the leaflet insert. This way if you get duplicates you can always swap them with friends or list them on ebay. Or if in the future you, or your children, want to sell them the original packaging shows that they are authentic. As they're sold for a relatively short period of time they may become a future collectable. 

If you find them cheaper, leave me a comment to let me know.

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